Spotlight On: Tuileries

Stasov’s comment:  “An avenue in the garden of the Tuileries, with a swarm of children and nurses”

Hartmann’s picture of the “Jardin des Tuileries” near the Louvre is now, regrettably, lost.  As was Harmann’s practice, the children were probably added to help convey scale.  The picture above was painted by Manet in 1862 and is thought to convey the sense of motion and scale that Hartmann’s original conveyed.

The movement is playful, and moves at a quick pace: it is barely over one minute in length.  It is set in B major which, while considered to be a “distant” key (relative to C major), is related to all the surrounding material: Il Vecchio Catello is in G# minor, Promenade II is in B major, and Bydlo (the next movement) is back to G# minor.  It is all very tidy, indeed.

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